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The one real question facing the Eagles this year

The way I see it, there is only one real burning question facing this team going into this year.

It's not will they run the ball more, it's not will stop the run, it's not whether Sean Considine is the answer at safety, it's not whether Kevin Curtis fits in to the offense... Those are all ancillary questions. Not all of those things have to be answered yes for this to be a superbowl team. One question does.

Can this team finally stay healthy for a year? The last time the Eagles were reasonably healthy was in 2004 when they went the superbowl and if they can avoid a rash of major injuries again I feel very confident is saying they can get back there this year.

Two years ago, we all remember the ridiculous amount of injuries that hit this team. I think it was something like 6 or 7 current or former pro bowlers missed significant time. Even the kicker was hurt that year! Last year was not as bad but that's not saying much. The team certainly weathered the storm better and still had a nice season, but they lost McNabb, Kearse, Lito, Andrews, Westbrook, Stallworth, Rod Hood ect all for varying amounts of time last year. All significant contributors to this team.

Is there something in the water here? I know the nature of the game is that guys get knicked up, all teams suffer injuries here and there... but it seems like over the last 2 years we've gotten more than our fair share. Brian Dawkins agrees

"Every year you go into it, some teams in the NFL have a realistic shot at going to the Super Bowl," the Eagles' all-world free safety said via cell phone earlier this week. "I believe we're one of those teams, as long as we stay healthy."

Just in case he didn't make himself clear, Dawkins repeated his stance.

"If everybody plays at a high level, we'll be in the Super Bowl again," he continued. "Our minds are to get back into the Super Bowl."

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