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Merrill Reese gets some love

In a town that has seen some of the most iconic figures in sports broadcasting like Harry Kalas & Gene Hart I think sometimes Merrill Reese gets lost. He's been the voice of this city's most beloved team for 29 years now.

Sure. he's an unapologetic homer... but that's always been part of charm. He's both an artist who,  with his words can paint a vivid picture of football game in your head and a fan just like the guy sitting next to you.

"Turn down the sound on your TV and crank up Merrill Reese" is more of a tradition than it is a slogan in this town.

It was pretty fun to read what Reese thought were his favorite calls.

Thinking back on his career, the sports caster cited two moments of broadcasting football that he considered his favorites -- and perhaps not coincidentally, they both came in Eagles' victories against the hated Dallas Cowboys.

The first was "Wilbert Montgomery running" in the 1981 NFC Championship game.

The other was in 1995, when Dallas needed just one yard to continue a potentially game-winning drive, and tried two consecutive runs up the middle with superstar back Emmitt Smith. The hard-working Eagles defense remained strong, he recalled, and came out victorious.

Who could forget? "They stop him again!!! They stop him again!!!"

And of course, we all know that signature FG call.

He said that his fans always want to focus on the field goals.

"They like the 'It's gooooood,' " said Reese, reproducing one of his signature calls -- one that he was happy to use last season after a David Akers' field goal split the uprights to win a playoff game against the New York Giants.

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