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Reggie Brown gets some love

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In yet another list of a long offseason full of lists... Sports Illustrated came up with their top 25 WRs in the NFL.

Reggie Brown made the list at #22

22. Reggie Brown, Philadelphia Eagles: Lost in the hype of the Eagles' playoff run was the emergence of Brown. Playing as the lead receiver in a balanced offense, Brown responded by averaging over 17 yards per catch with eight touchdowns. He is an ideal receiver in a West Coast offense. With Donovan McNabb set to return, Brown should see his numbers jump dramatically as one of McNabb's favorite targets.

I think that's around the place he's deserving of landing, but there were still some bizarre selections in this list. For one, Calvin Johnson who has never played a down in the NFL is listed at #20. That one I don't really understand. I would have thought you had to have played WR in the NFL to be listed as one of the best WRs in the NFL. I also scratched my head at the selection of Roy Williams at #3. He's a good player, but I doubt many people would take him over several of the other guys in the top 10.