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Eagles History - Westbrook saves the season 10.19.03

The Eagles had started out the 03 season pretty flat. They sat at 2-3 as they traveled up the NJ Turnpike to face the Giants, who had just lost 2 straight games and also sat at 2-3. It was still early in the season, but falling into a 2-4 hole would have been tough for the Eagles to climb out of.

After a day that could be at best characterized as a "defensive struggle" and at worst called "a dire game to have watched" the Eagles trailed the Giants 10-7. With just 1:34 seconds left in the game Jeff Feagles, needed a decent punt from midfield that would have pinned the Eagles back inside their own 10 and put the game in the hands of an Eagles offense that had been totally inept up to that point(134 total yards of offense). The kick, however, was short and wobbly with not much hang time.

After a great (or as Giants' fans called it "questionable") block from Ike Reese, Brian Westbrook fielded the punt on one hop. The rest is sweet, sweet history...(as an added bonus, this vid has the Merrill Reese commentary!)

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