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The Philly media's man-love for Jeremy Bloom

This poster hangs over the sports desk at the Inquirer Bldg
It's actually starting to get a little weird. Every Thursday I do "The Linc" where I post a bunch of worthwhile Eagles links and a few months back I started to note that almost every week some sportswriter in this town would write a total fluff piece on Jeremy Bloom.

When I say "fluff piece" I mean an article lacking any actual relevancy or value. Not about football or anything on the field, just simply "isn't he cute? He was a model! He used to ski! He was in the Olympics! He's small!"

Not that he necessarily deserves it, but I don't believe a cross word has ever been written about Bloom. For a guy drafted last year and has yet to play a down in the NFL, the amount of positive press this guy gets is quite astounding, especially in a town as cynical as this. Really, only one rookie from last year saw any real time and most of them got criticized for it... other than Bloom that is.

As reader Andrew pointed out, this weekend was yet another Bloom lovefest amongst the Philly media.

The Delaware Times and the Inquirer. and The Daily News ran Bloom pieces. Considering both the Inky and Daily News are owned by the same company and both make up it means that one news source ran the same story by 2 writers. These guys are stumbling over each other to fawn over this kid. Each story yet again recounts Blooms' "unlikely and difficult journey to the NFL."

Looking back just 2 or 3 weeks, by barely looking I can find 4 more examples of the same stuff. Note that often just runs the same picture of him in each story.
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