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TKO is sick of losing; Gocong & Bloom stand out

Takeo Spikes has a been pretty damn good player throughout his career, but he hasn't been on any good teams.

He doesn't like to talk about it - and, frankly, you ask him, if you're really so interested - but Spikes holds an unfortunate league record. He has the longest consecutive tenure in the NFL without taking part in a postseason game, a stretch of 126 straight games. Five years with the Bengals followed by four years with the Bills will do that to a man's career, but the low-wattage results of his labors burn like an ember within Spikes.

"I just want to do what I need to do to help this team get over the hump," Spikes said. "I don't care about who gets what. I don't care about who the media runs [to]. I just want to win. This is my 10th year. I'm more close to going out the door than coming in. So, I want to win at all costs.

"I'm going to do whatever it takes. That's the bottom line. I want to win. I want the [confetti] coming down on us the third of February."

Alot of players talk the talk, but Bob Ford sees something in Spikes that makes him believe it. Frankly this passage gives me some chills.

It sounds wonderful, but, then again, it always does in June. But if you look into the eyes of Takeo Spikes, which do not seem to blink as he expresses his intentions, you see that there is something different about this guy.

He can see to September and beyond, and the vision he finds there makes you wish the summer months would hurry past. This guy is a wolf, and heaven help the sheep.

G Cobb has been live in person at all of the Eagles OTAs so far and been has been reporting on who he thinks has been standing out so far. He gives some nice praise to Gocong & Bloom

I really like the way Chris Gocong is beating up receivers. His ability to jam the TE is improving very quickly. He was only working against Lee Vickers and a new game with the last name Hunt, but still Chris did a solid job.


Little Jeremy Bloom continues. having a very good camp. I don't how well he's going to make it with the pads on, though. I will say that he's a little speedy waterbug in the shorts. Bloom gets seperation on nearly all of his routes. I still want to see him do it in the equipment.

G also points out something that several media sources have noted and we've been hearing alot this offseason. Jim Johnson is really impressed with CJ Gaddis. It's painfully early, but the Eagles may have a found a gem in the 5th round if this guy is a s good as advertised.

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