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The Linc 6.07.07

She stole her look from Derek Zoolander
The Eagles are currently conducting some OTAs with rookies and selected veterans. There's been some minor cuts, including Bethel Johnson, but otherwise all is fairly quiet o the Eagles front. So to pass the time, I give you The Linc!

How to endear yourself to your QB and the fans. (Iggles Blog)

G Cobb reports one of the most despicable stories you'll ever hear. "Some "low down snakes in the grass" in New Orleans, stole over $16,000 worth of items out of the late Marques Hill's mother's home while she was at his funeral." Just diabolical... (

Which former Eagles QB had his own Candy Bar? (The 700 Level)

It looks Jeremy Bloom won the return job. Bethel Johnson is out... (Eagles Eye)

A press release from Kyle Korver and Kevin Curtis regarding racial inequalities in professional sports. (Sport is Stranger than Fiction)

What former  hard hitting Eagles safety is now a wine connoisseur?  (Depressed Fan)

Stampede Blue points out the blatant Patriots bias over at the worldwide leader. (Stampede Blue)

Eagles single game tickets go on sale June 14 at 10am. They usually sell out in minutes... (

Thanks to Hogs Haven for finding this early NFC East preview from a paper in Buffalo. (Hogs Haven)

The fan mail page over on America's Team Sucks is always a fun read! (America's Team Sucks)

Everyone saw that completely insane display by the Braves AA manger right? (Huge Tiny Mistake)

Pro football players should avoid ultimate fighting at all costs. (YouTube)

Over at the Eagles virtual museum the vote is on for the greatest Free Safety in Eagles history. Is this even a debate? Go vote for #20 now. BT, he currently has 92.5% of the vote. (

And finally some more photos of our favorite pole valuter. (With Leather)

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