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Indulge me as I try a little experiment. I recently learned about site called Jaiku. More or less it's what they call a "microblog." The idea behind it is that people can constantly post to it everything they do during the course of the day. When they're eating, what they are doing at work, plus they can link all their feeds to it including blog posts and Flickr posts ect... Why anyone would be interested in following someone elses life like that or someone would be interested in keeping everyone up to date is beyond me...

However, I do think it can be useful here. I've put up a new block over on the left with the official BGN Jaiku. in it. I'm going to use it to post the really minor Eagles news and thoughts. Every post I make will flash up in the block on the left.

For example, there's no real need for me to post here that Trotter wants to lose weight, or the Eagles signed a camp body QB, Montae Reagor practiced, or I really wish training camp was here... but if they were only one line thoughts it might be fun. Anyone else that wants to can sign up and post their Jaikus(or random Eagles thoughts) to the BGN page.

It could be a fun little new thing, or it could be pointless. We'll see. Either way, check it out and tell me what you think.

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