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McNabb appears on Cataldi show; Armageddon nears

About 8 years after WIP mosho host Angelo Cataldi led a band of 30 drunken morons to the NFL draft in NY and led a chorus of boos(because he wasn't Ricky Williams) as Donovan McNabb stepped on stage as the Eagles 1st round pick, McNabb finally agreed to appear on his show. Frankly, it wasn't all that compelling.

Cataldi wasn't all that brash and McNabb was typically diplomatic. However, he did speak very frankly about how he wants to be perceived and his eventual legacy in this town.

Cataldi asked whether McNabb's appearance this morning was part of a conscious campaign to be more accessible to fans and the media.

McNabb said yes, to help counteract how athletes here are often misunderstood.

"It was upsetting for me to have a guy like Allen Iverson, who while he was here everybody seemed to talk bad about him. But nobody seemed to spend time to talk with him and get to know him. But after he left, it seems like he has received more praise for what he has done here."

McNabb expressed no hard feelings toward the city, though. "I love the city of Philadelphia," he said. I've been here for eight years, going on nine, and I look for great things to happen here throughout my career."

You can download the entire interview on the WIP website.

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