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The Linc 6.28.07

This pic does nothing for Carson Palmer
Did you think it seemed like there were less penalties in NFL last year? You aren't crazy. (Iggles Blog)

McNabb did something on Sportscenter to shill for the new Diehard movie (700 Level)

Takeo Spikes is in training to become the next Tiki Barber. (

A pretty well put together video documentation of the rebirth that was the 2nd half of the 2006 Eagles season. (YouTube)

BGN reader 700 level pointed this out earlier, it seems that Bethel Johnson is still listed as the Eagles #1 KR on their new interactive depth chart feature on the new site. (Inside the Iggles)

ESPN is ruining sports. Apparently this is becoming quite a popular opinion. (

Maybe it's just because we are in the absolute  slowest period of the NFL schedule and reporters are looking for anything to write about... but this Tomme Harris-McNabb-Grossman thing is getting a ridiculous amount of ink. (Chicago Sun-Times)

It seems that more people are watching soccer than hockey these days. (Rumors & Rants)

Carson Palmer needs to do a better job choosing his endorsements. Who would allow that ad to be printed? (With Leather)

The greatest cheerleader accidents caught on video. (YesButNoButYes)

Hey look the EMB is back! TATErs rejoice! (

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