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Shiny new website

So did anyone check out the new official site? Looks pretty good. Not incredibly different then the way it was, but it certainly has a new and modern "Web 2.0" feel to it. The front page photos and stories are bigger and the video portion is more prominently displayed... Although my absolute favorite feature is that you'll soon be able to post comments on Dave Spadaro's articles. As many of us know, Dave usually trys to... let me say "paint the best picture" he can with any news regarding the Eagles. Not surprisingly Eagles fans love to call him out for it. The guy works very hard to bring fans loads of Eagles content and mostly just gets ripped for it. Which is too bad. That said, I think the Eagles web staff is going to have to work overtime moderating the comments on some of these posts. Eagles fans can get very... "creative." The interactive depth chart is pretty cool too.

One new feature that looks to be interesting if works right is the bird's new social networking platform called MyEaglesWorld. Sort of a myspace for Eagles fans.

Sadly, still no Eagles Message Board. I'm betting Wingheads & Concrete Field, 2 other Eagles boards, are getting some record traffic this week.

By the way, if posting is light or infrequent this week it's because I'm actually on vacation this week. Luckily the resort has wifi... and massages.

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