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Eagles won't be punished for playing football

I'm not sure how much anyone really cares about this story, but since there was some news I figured I'd throw it out there. If anyone reads PFT, an NFL news/gossip blog, on any regular basis you'd know that they seem obsessed with teams breaking the "no contact during OTAs" rule. Basically in these OTAs where players aren't wearing pads and some rookies don't even have contracts, the NFL players association prohibits certain levels of contact.

In fact, Giants FB Jim Finn was injured and out for the season after throwing a block during one of the teams OTAs.

While I certainly understand the rule and do agree with why it's in place, it seems that nearly every team ignores it. However, one player seems to have blown the whistle on some excessive contact at the Eagles OTAs this summer. The penalty for violating the rule can be as harsh as losing a draft pick. Luckily, the NFLPA investigated the claims against the Eagles and have exonerated them... although the team was sent a letter "reminding" them of the rule.

I'm glad the Eagles weren't punished, but I wonder why the NFL has the rule if it never plans on enforcing it?

Brian Seltzer of Sports Radio 950 in Philadelphia reports that the Eagles will not be penalized for alleged violations of the league's offseason workout rules.

Per Seltzer, the NFL Players Association conducted an investigation, and recently concluded that no punishment was warranted.

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