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Reasons to feel good about Gaddis and Gaither

Geoff Mosher wrote an interesting piece on Eagles rookie Corner/Safety CJ Gaddis, specifically about the time he held the #2 pick in this year's draft, Calvin Johnson, to zero catches for the only time in his career. Somewhat surprisingly, shutting down one of the best WRs ever to play college football didn't help CJ's draft stock...

"I matched up with him pretty much the whole game," Gaddis, the Eagles' fifth-round pick, recalled. "It was a team effort, but I matched up with him. I can't just say it was clearly on myself, I'm not that type of guy, but I was on him pretty much the entire game."

Didn't Gaddis figure to attract some extra attention after that game? Shouldn't the junior's draft stock have soared after shutting down a can't-miss prospect?

"Honestly, yes," he said. "But who am I? I'm not someone who makes those decisions. They put me in uniform and I play football. I'm surprised it didn't, but I'm still living and playing today."

Speaking of CJ Gaddis... G Cobb had some good things to say about how he's been picking up the defense.

C.J. Gaddis has improved drastically in his understanding of the coverages. You can see the kid has much more confidence than he had last week. I'm starting to see his quickness and athleticsm.

He almost finished up yesterday's practice with an interception. I like the fact that he went for the pick rather than playing it safe. I think this kid is going to get on the field before the season is out.

If G knows anything, he knows LBs having been a pro bowl LB himself... So it's pretty encouraging to hear what he said about Omar Gaither.

Omar Gaither looked very good in the coverages. He takes over when he's out there. I expect the Eagles will get him on the field quite a bit and that won't make Jeremiah Trotter happy. Omar has extemely high football IQ and should be a coaching candidate when he hangs up his cleats.

Speaking of Gaither... Ashley Fox talked to him about how, as the team's starting WILL LB last year, he felt about the trade for Takeo Spikes. Hint, it's all good.

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