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Someone got Eagles tix...

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I'm sad too
Single game Eagles tickets have sold out. I was on exactly at 10 am and got absolutely nothing. I'm sure most of you experienced the same thing I did where you'd have one minute of waiting time and ticketmaster would suddenly bump you up to 15 minutes.

I got nothing but busy signals on the phone and shut out on the net...

Oh well.

I'm sure the Eagles "partner" Razorgator, an online ticket broker, will have no problem getting tickets. In fact, on the article talking about the fact that tickets are sold out, the Eagles direct you to Razorgator! How nice! Apparently it's more important that the Eagles get them their tickets than you know... Eagles fans. Razorgator has hundreds of tickets to every game with a $200 - $500 price tag! I should mention that there a few ticket brokers who are nice enough to sponsor BGN and are more affordable than the Eagles "official partner" Razorgator. Coast to Coast tix, Ticket Solutions, & TickCo.