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Camp Battle predictions

Paul Slack from NFL draft blitz wrote his very well researched and extensive overview of the post draft 07 Eagles. If you have the time, it's a good read.

Late in the article he detailed what he thought were the big camp battles and predicted his winners. I think middle linebacker should probably be on this list as well, but for the most part I think he's right on with the battles and his predicted winners.

(RDE) Darren Howard vs. Trent Cole: (winner - Cole)

(Slot WR) Jason Avant vs. Greg Lewis (winner - Avant)

(RCB) Sheldon Brown vs. William James (winner - Brown)

(SAM) Chris Gocong vs. Stewart Bradley vs. Tank Daniels (winner - Gocong)

(RB) Correll Buckhalter vs. Tony Hunt (winner - Hunt)

(P) Dirk Johnson vs. Sal Rocca (winner - Rocca)

I'm going to reserve judgment on Rocca until I see him in an actual game. You have to like what you hear about the guy, but considering he's never played a game of American football in his life I'm going to wait and see. I think Trotter will "win" the starting MIKE job and run out with the first team on opening day... but in reality I think Gaither will probably end up getting near 50% of the snaps.

Your thoughts?

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