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We one upped the Pats on something!

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Take that Bill Belicheck! We got you twice! You got three superbowl rings? Well we got Scott and Bradley! Sigh...

DT Ian Scott visited with the Pats the morning he signed with the Eagles.

It also appears the Eagles weren't the only team interested in LB Stewart Bradley. (registration req'd)

Eagles swooped in
Remember the name Stewart Bradley. When the Philadelphia Eagles selected Bradley in the third round of last weekend's draft, the news was met with a groan in the Patriots' draft room. The Nebraska linebacker was a player the Patriots would have been pleased to draft with the 91st overall selection, but the Eagles snared him 87th. As it turns out, it was a bit of payback for the Eagles, who were hoping to see Miami safety Brandon Meriweather available 26th overall in the first round before the Patriots took him two spots earlier. With Bradley off the board, the Patriots ended up trading their third-round pick to the Raiders.