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The Linc 5.31.07

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This #5 does not puke
LJ Smith has gotten his hernia worked on, and some 5th round picks have signed... but it's still the slow time in the NFL world. With that, I give you The Linc...

I've said many many times in the past that no one gets more fluff pieces written about him than Jeremy Bloom. It seems that when a writer has a deadline due and can't think of anything... they whi out a Bloom fluff piece. (

How about a super early look at how the final roster may shake out? (Iggles Blog)

It seems that the infamous behavior of the Eagles fans in the 700 level is being adopted by Phillies fans in the 300 level. (700 Level)

Oh hey look! It's yet another Jeremy Bloom fluff piece! (

A video history of McNabb puking through the years. (Eagles Chronicles)

Anyone want Kobe Bryant back in his hometown. It doesn't seem so. (Depressed Fan)

Let's just beat Chris Berman to it. The Eagles newest TE's nickname is Brent "Tom" Celek. (Eagle Scout)

The SBN small market roundtable is in full swing and this week's topic is new stadiums. Check it out for an empassioned rant from yours truly! (Pride of Detroit)