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Sporting News grades the Birds draft

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The Sporting News War Room Central seemed to understand Andy's plan... They gave the Eagles draft an A. They're just another one of the second wave of draftniks to react positively to the Eagles draft. Immediately afterward the Mel Kiper's of the world reacted poorly, but since then more and more scouts and draftniks have been quitely starting to praise the Eagles picks. Especially the picks of Kolb, Abiamiri, and Bradley.

Philadelphia Eagles. After S Brandon Meriweather got snatched away by New England, the Eagles traded out of Round 1 and took QB Kevin Kolb, Donovan McNabb's heir apparent. They nailed their next two picks, DE Victor Abiamiri and OLB Stewart Bradley, who should start as rookies.

Don't know about Abiamiri starting this year, but Stewart Bradley certainly could.