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Roster shakeups; DT in for a visit

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This is somewhat old news, but after the draft the Eagles updated their depth chart. It does not include the new rookies who I think could really challenge for some backup or starting spots this year. Specifically Stewart Bradley and Tony Hunt. There were some notable moves.

First, Kevin Curtis is a starter which is no surprise. Although one surprise is that Jason Avant is still behind Greg Lewis on the depth chart. You'll see that many of the rookies from last year have been bumped up going into mini camp. Not Avant. While it's no big deal and a good camp could push him up the depth chart, I would have thought he had a chance to creep after after drawing praise the Eagles' staff after the Atlanta game.

Trent Cole is the starting right DE. Jevon Kearse is the starting LDE, backed up by Darren Howard. Howard started on the right last year and despite having a stellar preseason didn't do much to distinguish himself during the season. However, when he was moved to the left, his more natural position, later in the year I thought he played better. So Cole starts and Howard becomes a fairly expensive backup.

Broderick Bunkley is your starting right DT. Patterson starts next to him and Montae Reagor is the first option off the bench. The 4th option may not even be on the roster yet. More on that in a bit. The move to put Bunk in the starting lineup had to happen though. He won't have the issue of the holdout hanging over him this time and should be getting the bulk of the snaps in the preseason. It's time to let this guy's talent and pedigree develop. He needs to be on the field for that to happen.

Chris Gocong is your starting SAM. With Dhani gone, this is almost elementary. He's backed up Tank Daniels right now, although Stewart Bradley may have something to say about this before it's all said and done. Frankly, if there's a spot where a rookie from this year's class has a chance to start it's Bradley at SAM. Right now it's Gocong's job to lose, but Bradley is a big natural SAM linebacker that is likely a more sure thing than Gocong. Gocong probably has the bigger upside due to his physical tools, but Bradley already knows the position and that will be a strong asset.

For now, Jeremiah Trotter is your starting MIKE and Omar Gaither is your backup. Several people, including G Cobb say Gaither has already won the job.

Takeo Spikes is your starting WILL. Duh. Right now, Gaither is listed as the backup with McCoy as the 3rd option. If Gaither starts at MIKE, obviously McCoy will just move up. However, I think McCoy has to show something if he wants to be a lock to make the team.

At CB Sheppard and Brown are still your starters, but Jim Johnson has said Will James will get every opportunity to start. That second CB spot is really anyone's job.

Also Bear's DT Ian Scott is visting the Eagles today. He's 6-3 and over 300 pounds and has played nose tackle. Another potential big body to add to a line that was undersized and getting pushed around last year.