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The Gocong experiment, so far so good

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Welcome back from memorial day, I certainly hoped everyone enjoyed themselves and imbibed as much as I did.

The Eagles spent time this weekend at a rookies and selected veterans minicamp. One of those selected veterans and the only projected starter at the camp was Chris Gocong. And so far, it seems like he looks good.

"Chris is ahead of the other guys because he's been around, and he looks good," Jim Johnson said. "This has been a great camp for him. No question about it that Chris Gocong is the guy right now, and he's handling it like he's the guy. He's not making any mistakes, and he's playing good."

Brookover also remembers the last time the Eagles had young competition in the LB corps.

The last time the Eagles had such a young and inexperienced competition at a linebacker position during training camp was back in 1999 when rookie second-round pick Barry Gardner battled a third-round pick from the year before for the starting middle linebacker job. The third-round pick - Jeremiah Trotter - won the competition even though he went in as the underdog.

If Gocong is as good as he could be and a guy like Broderick Bunkley steps in this year and fulfills his potential, it really will be as if the Eagles added 2 more first day picks this year. I wonder if those two turn out to be everything the Eagles say they are, whether people who don't understand the trade down and subsequent Kevin Kolb pick will start to come around.