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The Linc 5.24.07

Cheerleaders are good.
With memorial day weekend approaching, posting will probably be pretty light over the next few days. Football news has pretty much screeched to a halt, so everyone just enjoy themselves and chow down on the Linc!

ESPN thankfully fired Michael Irvin from their NFL studio coverage after last season, but yesterday just hired a younger version of him. Also, Tony Romo is kind of in a porn. (The Big Lead)

The 2011 superbowl will be in North Texas at the new Cowboys stadium. Dallas beat out the new stadium in Indy. How great would it be to win the superbowl in Dallas? (Blogging the Boys)

Amazingly, the "White Don King" has inserted himself into the Mike Vick dogfighting controversy even though no one asked him! (Iggles Blog)

Since I had to post that awful Pinky video yesterday, let's think positive thoughts today. Remember 4th and 26? Of course you do. (Eagles Chronicles)

A one act play on the events following Don McKee's stupid article about swapping McNabb for Briggs. (Philly Sports Net)

The SBN small market roundtable has begun, and the discussion on relocation is raging! You'll even see a nice dig at the Cowboys by yours truly! (Big Cat Country)

Guess who forwarded an email full of porn to every GM in the NFL? Hint: Big Ben is not the only guy Pittsburgh who needs his head examined. (Daily Norseman)