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Jeff Lurie is a good businessman

How's this for a return on your investment?

In 1994 Jeff Lurie bought the Philadelphia Eagles for $195 million dollars. Forbes recently valuated the club to be worth an estimated $1.024 billion. In 12 years, that's about a billion dollar return on his investment(or at least that's what my feeble math skills have deduced). I'm fairly certain that no stock, no mutual fund, no internet startup is going to return you a billion in that short a time.

That leads me to a very interesting feature going on here in the Sports blog nation. The small market bloggers, which according the Phils owner Bill Giles I apparently am, have banded together and are participating in the "Small Market Teams Roundtable." They're going to be covering several topics facing small market teams and will be hosting discussions involving both small and big market team alike on those issues. It should be a very interesting read in what is really a down time in the NFL.

Wednesday 5/23 - Relocation; Big Cat Country hosts
Wednesday 5/30 - Big, Shiny New Stadiums; Pride of Detroit hosts
Wednesday 6/6 - Free Agent Attraction; Cincy Jungle hosts
Wednesday 6/13 - Media Coverage; Music City Miracles hosts
Wednesday 6/20 - Prime-Time Scheduling; Daily Norseman hosts
Wednesday 6/27 - Revenue Sharing; Buffalo Rumblings hosts
Wednesday 7/11 - The Green Bay Anomaly; Acme Packing Company hosts