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Let the McNabb madness begin

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First, McNabb is starting to become McLindros with his parents and their constant need to be in the spotlight. Last year during the Eagles playoff run Momma McNabb needs to chime in about how if the Eagles won a superbowl without him and ask if the fans would "crucify" him.

Now Papa McNabb says it's no big deal if McNabb doesn't work for the Eagles because he can always find another job. I also got a kick out of what he said when asked what he thought of the Kolb pick...

"It really doesn't matter what I think, does it?" Sam McNabb asked. "They're going to do what they're going to do, no matter what I think."

First, he's absolutely right. No one in the Eagles organization would should give one second of thought to what Sam McNabb thinks about a personnel decision. But doesn't he come off like he thinks they should? Maybe I'm reading too much into it...

Now I know McNabb has been publicly silent on all these things. He didn't say a word during that playoff run and when he did speak after the season he said all the right things. He hasn't said a word about the Eagles taking a QB with their first pick. But, I can't help but wonder if his parents speak for him in some way. Surely, if he wanted to he could tell mom and dad to stop talking about his career to the media. Certainly, he doesn't have to have his mom writing a blog on his site about him and the team. To my knowledge, I've never any parent of any other Eagle say anything.  His parents are always quick to say they don't speak for him and he's always quick to laugh it off... but I can't help but think there's some truth to the notion that they're are in some way speaking for #5.

It makes it even harder for me to believe McNabb's dad isn't speaking for him when we hear Andy and Donovan finally sat down and had a heart to heart today. Why? Why would Andy need to explain his pick of a QB?

Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk summarized exactly my feelings.

Can someone tell us when Donovan McNabb became the coach, G.M., president, or owner of this team?  Because we missed the news release.

Why does McNabb have this organization clutched by the short and curlies?  The mere fact that the organization feels compelled to walk on eggshells around him makes us think that the time has come for a change.  

And why should McNabb get a double-extra helping of deference from the team, the media, or anyone?  Because of the Super Bowls he has won?  Because of the MVP awards on his mantle?

Now, I don't really agree that this all means that it's "time for a change" right now. But for the most part I agree. What is with all the coddling?