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The Linc 5.17.07

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G Cobb isn't the only Jason Avant fan!
Mini Camp is over. Which means no more football until July when training camp begins, then the season comes up on us pretty fast. For now though, the NFL calender has all but slowed to a halt. So what is the Eagles nation talking about? I give you The Linc, 5-17 edition!

An in depth look at the Eagles running game ever the past 5 years. Colored graphs and all! [Iggles Blog]

Over at The 700 level A guest blogging skins fan, Jamie Mottram, tells us why he hates the Eagles. Or doesn't? [The 700 Level]

It's not just talk, the Eagles really are going to run the football this year. []

New Eagles safety CJ Gaddis seems to have a little Brian Dawkins in him. [Eagle Scout]

No one, and I mean no one, gets more fluff pieces written about him than Jeremy Bloom. [Daily News]

Philadelphia has it's next great sports start and and his name is Cole Hamels. King Cole is 6-1 and is second(by one) in the major league in strikeouts. Now lets hope the Phillies don't put him in the bullpen... [Huge Tiny Mistake]

It sounds like Madden 08 might not totally suck like 07 did. BTW, my XBL gamertag is StrngBrew if you are looking for someone to totally destroy in said Madden 07. [IGN]

Tony Romo may not be the best holder in the world, but he sure makes nice arm candy. This way little doggie! [Blogging the Boys]

Pole Vaulting is my new favorite sport. Just click that link, seriously. [The Big Lead]