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We said they couldn't see what was going on. Jim Johnson and co didn't have the right guys last year because they thought they could win with what they had. We all could see they just plain didn't have the horses, but there was real debate over whether it seemed they knew that.

Well, they did see what we saw last year. They did think what we thought...

The Eagles let Sam Rayburn go today in yet another move to to shed the defense of last year's disappointments. We all liked Sam, he was a guy fought his way into the team after being an undrafted rookie camp. He overachieved his first couple years here, but last year he just didn't do the job. If you can't make an impact on a defensive line as bad the Eagles was by the end of last year... you have no place here.

So Dhani Jones, Darwin Walker, & Rayburn have all been dumped. Matt McCoy has been relegated to a backup role and could soon be joined by Trotter. There was no doubt that the front 7 and their lack of size and physicality was the weak link in this defense last year. At the very least we'll be seeing new, bigger faces starting and rotating in next year. Spikes, Gocong, Bradley, Bunkley, Scott, Reagor, Abiamiri... There's no doubt when you look at the body of what the Eagles did this offseason, that they correctly targeted the front 7 as the area of need going into this year.