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Heckert speaks

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Bob Grotz of the Delco Times had a few fairly interesting quotes from Eagles GM Tom Heckert. He seems to be wondering what's the big deal?

On whether McNabb should be threatened by the pick of a QB.

"That thing has been blown so far out of proportion," Eagles general manager Tom Heckert said. "It's not like we took Kolb with a top-five pick. I don't think Donovan McNabb feels threatened. If we had taken Tony Hunt with that pick in the second round, would it have been Brian Westbrook who felt threatened? If you were a Pro Bowl quarterback and someone took a quarterback in the second round, would you feel threatened?"

First, the Hunt/Westbrook comparison doesn't really work. You can play 2 RBs together quite a bit. You can't play 2 QBs.

Second, yes the Eagles did not spend a top 5 pick on a QB... However, it was a high enough pick that  the guy should get a chance to start at some point in his career. Which leads us to this...

Heckert reiterated that the Eagles at this stage aren't married to Kolb. If McNabb bounces back from a knee injury and continues to play well, there's a chance Kolb could be dealt a la Matt Schaub, the third-round pick the Atlanta Falcons by way of West Chester East High school who was traded to the Houston Texans.