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Spikes for Walker trade looking better everyday

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Darwin Walker is going to hold out? Yes, I'm referring to the Darwin Walker we traded to the Bills after spending most of last year on his back with a guard standing over him.

Acquired in a trade in March that sent linebacker Takeo Spikes to Philadelphia, Walker on Thursday said he hasn't visited Buffalo yet and will not report until a new deal is completed. Walker has two years left on his existing contract, but was attempting to negotiate a new deal with the Eagles.

Walker's agent, Albert Irby, said the Bills were aware of his client's contract status when they made the trade.

"Yes, he's under contract, and that contract was traded to Buffalo. But it was traded to Buffalo with the understanding that we wanted a new deal," Irby told The Associated Press. "They made the trade knowing that this had to happen."

Where a guy like Darwin Walker gets off holding out is beyond me. The Eagles really did get something for nothing here.