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The Linc 5.10.07

I think this should be a regular part of "The Linc"
The actual Eagles team will be on an actual football field this weekend... Wasn't the New Orleans game just a week ago? Mini camp starts Saturday. Crazy!

You won't believe who wins the Stewart Bradley look alike contest. Here's a hint, if you watch ESPN Classic you may already know... [Philly Sports Net]

Did the Eagles post everything McNabb said in the transcript of his chat with Eskin on their site? In short, no. [Iggles Blog]

In response to the doom and gloom predictions made by PFT regarding the McNabb era in Philly, Scrapple offers some journalistic advice. PFT needs new friends. [Scrapple]

This could be bad news for Redskins fans. Kevin Kolb enjoys hunting wild hogs using only a knife. I haven't yet decided whether this is frightening or cool... [The 700 Level]

Anyone else notice the Abe Lincoln-like beard McNabb was sporting? [Depressed Fan]

G Cobb gives us a little history on QBs drafted in the second round and inexplicably refers to Boomer Esiason as a "bust". FYI, Boomer made it 4 pro bowls and a superbowl, won an MVP in 88, and holds most every record for left handed QBs there is.  He also refers to Kordell Stewart as "serviceable." On what planet Esiason is a bust and Kordell Stewart is serviceable is beyond me... []

In honor of mother's day and to raise awareness for breast cancer Chase Utley will be using a pink bat. At least he's going to look ridiculous for a good cause, unlike the Eagles in their throwbacks this year... []

Paris Hilton started a position to keep her out of jail. So, predictably someone created a petition keep her in jail. So far, it has several thousand more signatures... [WWTDD]