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If you didn't know, Keyshawn Johnson was cut today.

First, I wanna say that I find this incredibly unlikely... but I might as well report what's out there. This is from Pro Football Talk.

Speaking of the Eagles, a member of PFT Planet points out that Philly could be one of the possible destinations for Johnson.  During Saturday's coverage of the draft on ESPN, Eagles coach Andy Reid began to say something about Johnson playing for the Eagles, before Reid realized that he was on the brink of committing one of the most blatant tampering violations in league history.

Did anyone else see Andy on ESPN? I didn't. Amazingly after watching 6+ hours of draft coverage I miss the one thing that might have been somewhat interested in seeing... Keyshawn was on the broadcast with the ESPN crew.

Maybe the Patriots will sign him? That appears to be where every available receiver is headed this year.