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Draft 07 - The Eagles blogosphere reacts

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After yesterdays manifesto detailing many of my own thoughts about the draft, I though today would be a good day to check out what everyone else is thiking. By "everyone" I don't mean Mel Kiper and other main stream media types and their pointless "grades." Of course, they all think the Eagles draft sucked. These were the same people that gave last year's Eagles draft an A. So far, we've gotten next to nothing from last year's draft.

Actually, before we get into the local reaction let me illustrate a point. Just to show absolutely useless these main steam national media types that  know a little about every team and player, but not alot about anything. Watch how they just swing with whatever way the wind blows...

This is an excerpt of what Fox Sports had to say about the Eagles pick of Kevin Kolb in their grading of the Eagles draft.

Czar's breakdown: I heard Eagles coach Andy Reid say all the right things on both television cable networks, but it made no sense to take Houston quarterback Kevin Kolb with their first pick (36th in the second round) unless there are real concerns about Donovan McNabb. Kolb is a fine player and was rated somewhere between the fourth and sixth best quarterback in this draft, but the best he will be this season is a third stringer. The Eagles have more needs than a quarterback that will hold a clipboard all year long.

Okay, he's the 5th or 6th best QB now... Weird, because that's in almost direct contrast to what Fox Sports had to say before the pick...

"Before his senior season, Kolb was reminiscent of David Carr, blessed with good arm strength, but too streaky in his performance. With added maturity, a trimmer body and a stronger arm, he has elevated his status to the top of the position. Talk all they want about Drew Stantons arm strength, we'll take a more patient Kevin Kolb over any quarterback in this draft after the two first-rounders (Brady Quinn, JaMarcus Russell) are gone.

So what is it Fox Sports? Are you experts we should trust, or are you just making this up as you go along? How are we supposed to take any of this stuff seriously.

Anyway, I digress... Onto the local reaction.

Iggles blog shares his criteria when drafting linebackers.

Scrapple can't seem to give this draft anything better than a C, but he does admit he trusts the Eagles. He points out that of the 9 players Reid has drafted first, 4 have become pro bowlers so far.

Scrapple and Iggs uses the term "tremendous douche" in their draft recap. That alone makes it a worthy read.

Enrico from the 700 Level doesn't quite buy Reid's assertion that the Kolb pick had nothing to do with McNabb... He also points out a very ironic poll on McNabb's own website.

Depressed fan is pissed, he's just not sure how pissed.