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Practice bubble too small for Rocca; Philly scares FOX back into the studio

The Eagles have been having some difficulty finding out how new punter Saverio Rocca really is. It seems as though the practice bubble is just too small.

The bubble at the NovaCare Complex could not contain the Eagles' latest experiment one recent weekday morning.

Inside, a tall, ripped Australian named Saverio Rocca sent one punt after another into the roof.

At 6-5 and 243 pounds, the recently retired Australian rules football star looks more like an NFL linebacker fooling around after practice than a punting hopeful, until the explosion of his foot meeting the football.

With most of his attempts hitting the bubble's ceiling it was impossible to judge Rocca's length, but among the occasional line drives, some traveled 55 or 60 yards.

Obviously we need to see this guy with the team or in a preseason game before we know whether he can actually play football... But it seems undeniable that the physical talent is there. If this guy is the real deal he could become a very powerful weapon on special teams.

The Fox pregame show will no longer be on the road like it was last year. The show will go back to the studio in LA. The reasons? Well, we were one.

"You don't want to be in Philadelphia and say they don't have a chance to win today because of this . . . Jimmy Johnson just took a beating! We had a full can of beer thrown at Jimmy and it hit the awning right above his head. If it would have hit him it'd been the hospital or could have killed him.

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