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Thursday links

Considine is bigger, Hanson is still nude
Gary Cobb takes an in depth look at the Eagles' tight end & running back situations. [

Sean Considine has packed on 20 pounds of muscle and is ready to crack skulls... [Eagles Official Site)

S Mike Doss canceled his planned visit with the Eagles and signed with the Vikings. If the Eagles had any interest in him at all, it was likely only a bargain basement, one year deal. Which is what he got in Minnesota. []

Ex Eagle and running back for the 1960 NFL Champions team Clarence Peaks passed away this week. []

Ryan Moats says he was "To tell you the truth... I was born good" [Iggles Blog]

Baseball season is upon us and it's as good a time as any for a good ole hate the Mets rant![Scrapple & Iggs]

Speaking of baseball season... Ouch My Balls! The Phils are having dejavu![The Good Phight]

Some finalists for the new Drew Rosenhaus nickname are "The White Don King" from The Falcoholic, "LA Looks", "Bob Sugar", and one of my faves "Douche Rosenhaus" from The Depressed Fan.

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