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I give you... the Kevin Kolb video GOLD MINE!

Browsing YouTube, I found some very interesting videos starring new Eagles QB Kevin Kolb. There's a ton of videos of this girl Anna Megan in a series of interviews with Kolb. Anna Megan who, thru some googling, I discovered works for a sports radio station in Houston and for the Houston Chronicle. The vids are filled with all types of interesting stuff. Some good(he seems like a good guy and real leader), some not so good(he's a Cowboys fan).

First, it's Anna Megan hanging out with Kolb in his house with his new wife. They talk about what they think it will be like in the pros, what their life is like as newlyweds, and she not subtly suggests she doesn't want to leave home(Texas)! He seems to just want to get drafted. She on the hand says...

"It wouldn't be such a bad thing if we didn't get to stay in Texas. I think it would be a good opportunity,a good experience for both of us... ummm... but on the other side Dallas or Houston would be nice."

You just got drafted to the opposite of Dallas. Hope you're ready.

Actually they both came off as very genuine. Just a really young couple on the brink of their whole life changing.

This one is REALLY telling as Anna Megan interviews Kolb and his agent, who drops a bombshell!

So this NFC college scouting director called me a couple weeks ago and says "Jeff, please tell me you're recruiting the QB at U of H." I said "yeah we are", he said "great." He said "I have watched every single QB in the country this year, Brady Quinn, Jamarcus Russell on down..." and he said "I think Kevin is the best QB in the country."

He said[the NFC scouting director] "Alot of QBs have the rocket arm like Kevin does, but his accuracy is what sets him apart from everyone else."

He said [the NFC scouting director] "I think Brady Quinn will go first, and then Jamarcus Russell will come out and go second... I think 5 years from now you'll see Kevin is the best QB from this crop."

I would have assumed that was just agentspeak nonsense... but after the Eagles pick it really makes you wonder.

Plus Kolb says he wouldn't want to play with TO! By the way, Kolb is clearly a Cowboys fan. Sorry Kevin, but it's now your job to defeat the Cowboys twice a year and prevent them from winning a superbowl!

On TO...

It would be pretty tough to play with a guy like that. I'm a pretty team oriented guy and people that ask for the spotlight all the time are pretty hard to get along with.

kevin, now that you're an Eagle it's a good thing TO is on the Cowboys!

The third clip is fairly interesting as Megan hangs out with Kolb at Plex gym that teaches NFL draft prospects how to interview with teams and prepare for the drills they'll see. She says she thinks he'll be a late first or early second round pick. I wonder if she knew knew something we didn't...

Then Megan visits with Kolb after his pro day and they chat more about being a newlywed and a draft prospect...

There's about 10 or 12 more over on his blog at the Houston Chronicle.

My guess is that on Saturday it became a whole lot harder for a young reporter to get 4 or 5 exclusive interviews with Kevin Kolb...

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