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Doss to visit, this time he's bringing Rosenhaus

Guess who's coming to dinner?
Something about these two tidbits I found back to back on KFFL don't fit...
NFL | Doss changes agents
Mon, 2 Apr 2007 20:04:20 -0700

Kevin Seifert, of the Star Tribune, reports free agent S Mike Doss (Colts) has switched agents to Drew Rosenhaus.

Eagles | Doss will meet with team again this week
Mon, 2 Apr 2007 20:03:33 -0700

Kevin Seifert, of the Star Tribune, reports free agent S Mike Doss (Colts) will visit with the Philadelphia Eagles again later this week.

Let me also note that this article says he's visiting again, even though the Eagles never acknowledged that he visited in the first place. They've shown little to no interest in him. So why bring him in now? Either they are really interested or they are just doing the agent a favor to drum up interest... which in this case seems unlikely.

On that note... does Drew Rosenhaus represent every player in the NFL now? It sure seems that way, which is all the more reason this silly pissing match the Eagles and Drew seem to be in has to end. This isn't the first time this has bugged me. Eventually, the Eagles are going to want a Rosenhaus client(they already have some) and eventually he is going to need the Eagles to sign one of his players(like now).

This brings us to the next issue... Do we want Mike Doss? It certainly seems very unlikely that there's any chance the Eagles give Doss any kind of substantial multi year deal. For one, I don't know where the money is coming from this year(although sources say the Eagles could have upwards of $30 million of free cap space next year). Second, do we need him? If we don't think we can get an impact safety in the draft, then frankly I think could need him. If they sign Doss, I think it could reveal some things about how the Eagles feel about this year's crop of safeties.

Frankly, I'm not all that sold on the guys that look like they could fall to us. Michael Griffin, as we learned in our Michael Griffin: A Closer Look may not be a first round talent. Another guy that looks like he could fall to us is Brandon Merriweather out of Miami, who looks like a good player that's good in coverage but has serious character flaws.

My guess is that if Doss signs, it'll be a one year "show me" deal. Rosenhaus and the Eagles both seem fond of those type of contracts. For Doss, a guy who was expecting big money but didn't find it, it's the kind of contract that makes the most sense.

By the way, Drew Rosenhaus needs a nickname badly... It's about time someone on the net gives him one. Any suggestions?

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