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Draft day one recap; Day 2 open thread

PSU RB Tony Hunt
Day one started out with two shockers as the Eagles traded down with their hated rival Cowboys to get out of the first round. Interestingly enough, because it was such an awkward thing to do the Eagles had Jeff Lurie call Jerry Jones personally to make the trade because Lurie and Jones have a good relationship. Lurie normally never has anything to do with personnel stuff, so he probably relished the chance to "make a deal." Listening to local sports radio it seems like people were outraged that the Eagles would even deal with the Cowboys. Other than that most Eagles fans have blind hatred for anything involving the Cowboys, I don't see the big deal. It's business. Alot of people are saying they "helped" the Cowboys. It's a trade. Both teams helped each other and got what they want. That's what happens in trades. If we hadn't dealt with the Cowboys, someone else would have. Namely, the Patriots who also traded down. So why wouldn't we be the ones to grab some extra picks? Especially in a draft so thin in true first round talent?

The second shocker. The Eagles took a QB with their first pick! The Birds decided on Kevin Kolb, a physically gifted but inexperienced in the pro style offense QB out of Houston.

You can read the reactions and join in the discussion on the Kolb Pick here. The scouting reports and info on Kolb are here.

Next came the pick along the line of scrimmage that we know Andy loves. DE Victor Abiamiri was the Eagles pick at #57. He seems to be good value at #57 as most mock drafts had him coming off the board before the Eagles picked. Check out the scouting reports and info on Victor Abiamiri here.

The 3rd round brought some more need picks. First was strong side LB Stewart Bradley out of Nebraska. He's a big tough kid at 6-4, 255 that has the size and tools to play in the middle as well. He's played MIKE, SAM, and defensive end at times in his career. It's not entirely clear where the Eagles see him playing at the pro level but he should have chance to compete for both the SAM and MIKE spots in the next few years. Info, scouting reports, discussion, and a chance to see his awesome hair are here.

The Eagles then picked a local guy at a position all Eagles fans have been screaming for. With the 90th overall pick the Eagles took big, bruising Penn State RB Tony Hunt. The info on Hunt is right here. Also check out the great Penn State blog Black Shoe Diaries for more on Hunt. As brooksy pointed out in the comments, the last local RB we took worked out pretty well...

That concluded the day one activity. As of now the Eagles have 4 picks on the final day. Two 5ths, a 6th, and a 7th. It would surprise me to see them package something to jump up into the 4th if they thought a guy they wanted was there. I think it's safe to assume we'll see some secondary help on day two, as well probably an offensive lineman and maybe a receiver as well.

Use this as your open thread for day two of the NFL draft. I'll be back later to review,

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