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Eagles get LB, RB with their 3rd round picks

Stewart Bradley - Best hair in the draft
First comes the linebacker, with the 87th overall pick the Eagles took LB Stewart Bradley from Nebraska. I really like the Bradley pick, he's a big(6-4 255) true SAM linebacker that specializes in stopping the run.

Oh yes, we drafted a guy that specifically stops the run! Plus, I think he's very good value late in the third round. This seems like a slam dunk good need pick that should here very well. He's just a big, tough guy that will finally be drafted by the Eagles to play the spot he played in college. G Cobb, who was a strongside linebacker for 11 years in the NFL, said on WIP that Bradley has everything you look for in the position.

Has good size and a big frame...Has an excellent motor...Terrific instincts...Stout against the run and can take on blockers...Smooth and fluid in coverage...A solid tackler with good technique...Good pass rusher and blitzer...Is smart and a hard worker with great intangibles...Physical and aggressive...Special teams potential.

Speed and overall athleticism are only average...Long-term health and durability are major concerns...Lacks top-notch quickness and agility....Does not have great range...Hands and ball skills are sub par...Production was okay, not outstanding.

So linebacker, specifically SAM linebacker was a position we all wanted to address in this draft. Defensive end was a need and that was addressed. The next one is a guy Eagles fans are going to love. A big, Penn State running back.

With the 90th overall pick the Eagles took Penn State RB Tony Hunt. Hunt is the big back(6-1 233) Eagles fans have been wanting for years now and is another good value pick where they got him.

Has great size with a solid frame...Displays outstanding balance...A strong and powerful runner who will deliver a blow and fall forward...Has good hands and can help out in the passing game...A reliable blocker...Durable and the type who gets stronger as the game goes on...Was very productive throughout his career.

Lacks elite timed speed and quickness...Won't break off many long runs...Not very shifty and won't make people miss...Vision is somewhat questionable and he will misread some blocks...Will struggle to get outside and turn the corner in the NFL.

This guy will be our hammer. He ran for almost 1,400 yards last year and 11 TDs. He also caught 27 balls for 3 TDs. He's the second leading rusher in Penn State history, which is saying something considering the kind of RBs they've had over the years. This is guy that will grind out the short yards and wear down opposing defenses late in games. Want to take bets on how long it is before some talking head refers to Hunt and Westbrook as "Thunder and Lighting?" Could someone please come up with another way to refer to a backfield combo of a smaller, fast guy and a bigger, bruising guy? How many "Thunder and Lightings" have there already been?!

I was kinda bummed to see guys like Marcus MacCauley and Usama Young, two corners, fall off the board just before we picked. I had my eye on those two. MacCauley is a big corner who I think the Eagles would have looked to move to safety and Young is a project type corner with all the tools you look for in a pro corner. No big deal though because in the end I like the two third picks we did get. Honestly, I think Eagle fans are going to  like the 3rd round alot better than the 2nd or first...

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