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Shocker! Eagles take QB of the future, Kevin Kolb

Houston QB Kevin Kolb
The Eagles invested their first pick(#36 overall) in the second round in a Quarterback. This is clearly a signal about the future of the franchise. Kevin Kolb isn't here to be a backup, he's here to start in about 2 years. It seems the decision has been made on McNabb.

I'll be updating in a few minutes with scouting reports on Kolb. This is a pretty shocking pick.

Here's some notes that the media types are throwing out right now.

Physically this guy is an NFL caliber QB. He has the arm strength and mobility that you look for. He has the lighting quick release. The knock on him is that he is a completely raw and has never run a pro style offense. He is not ready to start this year or even the year after. He is the definition of a project, he has all the tools but no one has any idea how he actually projects as an NFL QB. Basically this guy is a raw prospect that Reid is going to spend the next two years molding this guy into his perfect QB at which point he'll take over as the new franchise QB. Or so that's the plan.

I'm having trouble exactly expressing my reaction to this pick. I'm willing to accept the fact that we didn't draft a guy that's going to help us win a superbowl next year. If they feel they needed to take this guy, so be it. That said, I am having a hard time understanding the value of this pick. While it's no guarantee, there's a god chance Kolb would have been there when we pick later in the second round. He may even have been there in the third round. By the way, he grew up a Cowboy fan.

As another by the way, if you thought the Eagles let Garcia walk because they were worried about McNabb's ego.... Clearly you were wrong. This certainly seems to me to be a 2 part message to McNabb. First part, you're on the clock. You need to do something great and do it soon. Second, it's a vote of no confidence. It's hard to argue McNabb's ability, but it's fairly easy to point out his issues. If he can not stay on the field, he can not help this team. Clearly, the Eagles do not think McNabb has just had fluke injuries. Clearly they worry about his future ability to stay healthy.

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