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Eagles trade down with Cowboys

The Eagles have traded their #26 overall pick to drop down 10 spaces to #36 for the 2nd round pick that Cleveland sent the Cowboys as part of the Brady Quinn trade.

The trade boils down to this.

Dallas gets
1st round - #26 overall pick

Philadelphia gets
2nd round - #36 overall
3rd round - #87 overall
5th round - #159 overall

All in all I really like the idea of trading down. Alot of the players I liked(other than Houston) were off the board already and I suspect the Eagles felt the same way. So right now the Eagles have stocked up some other first day picks, they now pick twice in the second round and twice in the third round.

The Eagles got good value for the pick as Dallas somewhat overpaid to move up. According to the draft value chart, the #26 pick is worth 700 points and the package Dallas gave up was worth about 723 points.

Dallas has used the pick to grab Purdue DE Anthony Spencer. He's an undersized pass rusher type that I'm assuming will make the switch to OLB in the Cowboys 3-4 scheme. Most scouts seem to feel he'll have the best chance for success playing there rather than at DE where he's just too small.

We'll see what the Eagles do with these extra first day picks as well as the extra 5th and evaluate this trade from there. For now, they got solid value for the pick at a position where pretty much all of the players with a true first round grade were gone. To be honest, after Merriweather went off the board, I felt like a trade down was very likely.

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