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Jeff Garcia is a great leader

Apparently, Jeff Garcia wasn't quite as loved by the Eagles as it was made to appear... This evidenced by the throngs of Eagles that showed up to his wedding. By throngs I mean one, and by one I mean the punter who may not even make the team.

Punter Dirk Johnson was the lone Eagle at former Birds QB Jeff Garcia's wedding to Playboy Playmate Carmella DeCesare last weekend in California. Also repping Philly were Pete Ciarrocchi of Chickie's & Pete's, and Govberg Jewelers manager Andy Green and fiancee Melanie Chud - who delivered the bride's jewelry. Six days before the wedding, DeCesare had sent her 6-carat ring cross-country to Govberg to be reset to fit the wedding band.

Does anyone else find this as odd as I do? If he was invited, why would a pro football player not want to show up at a wedding in California sure to crawling with playboy playmates?

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I know where I'll be clicking... Another defensive lineman in round one? Are you kidding!?

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