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Oh no.

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September 23 vs. the Detroit Lions, the team taking the field in these bizarre blue and yellow uniforms will be your Philadelphia Eagles. In honor of the teams' 75th anniversary season the Eagles will seize the opportunity to sell more jerseys by donning the uniforms they first wore in 1933 and inherited from the Frankford Yellow Jackets. Luckily since 1948, the Eagles have worn different variations of the green and white. Oddly enough the official city colors of Philadelphia are blue and yellow. No Philly sports team wears the colors, although there is a group of soccer fans hoping to bring an Major Leauge Soccer team to Philly that are in favor of that team wearing blue and yellow. They are known as The Sons of Ben.

I'd be interested in some of your thoughts, but I think these things are atrocious and the team will likely look completely ridiculous wearing them.

That said, one fairly cool part of this 75th anniversary celebration is the launch of an online virtual museum with a year by year history of the team and other historical facts and features. I'd say it's pretty worth checking out for any Eagles fan.

You can read all about the rest of the Eagles plans for their 75th anniversary on the official site. As an overview though, they are selecting an all time Eagles team(which is actually pretty cool), they are having the "throwback game" where they wear those ridiculous uniforms, the virtual museum, a special 7th anniversary logo they'll wear all year, and a tv special on the history of the team.  Of course, if you're like me and own The Philadelphia Eagles - The Complete History on DVD... the TV special might not tell you much don't already know.

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