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With the 57th overall pick the Eagles select...

Rutgers FB/RB Brian Leonard
Hopefully some or all of you have been following the 2007 SBN mock draft over at Field Gulls and laid out especially well at Pride Of Detroit.

With the 57th overall selection in the SB Nation Mock Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles(aka me) select Rutgers RB/FB Brian Leonard. I think if he fell to the Eagles at #57 in the real draft, Reid and co would be ecstatic.

Leonard is an intriguing prospect and a good fit here for so many reasons. First and foremost he's the big, powerful runner fans and pundits alike have been clamoring for in Philly for years.  Second, as every back in an Andy Reid offense must have, Leonard has fantastic hands and is a true threat catching balls out of the backfield. In fact, many scouts have said he has the best hands out of all the backs in the draft. By all accounts he's a great kid and was the unquestioned leader and a huge catalyst in the resurgence of the Rutgers football program the past few years. This past year he gave up carries and took a secondary role to starting Rutgers RB Ray Rice with no complaints, so he'd likely relish his complimentary role to Westbrook.

He's a very solid blocker, both as a lead blocker and in pass protection. He's drawn comparisons to Mike Alstott, although many feel that's simply because he's the kind of fullback/running back that will carry the ball often and block. He's been called "the best fullback prospect to come along since the A-Train(Alstott) back in 1996."

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