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Thursday birdseed

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I don't know how many of you are following/interested in this whole Imus-Rutgers-Al Sharpton thing... but if you are Jason Whitlock has the best take on it I've read or heard so far. [Kansas City Star]

G Cobb gives his predictions on how the Eagles' first half of the schedule & second half will go. He has them finishing at 11-5, which is also what both me and Brian from Depressed Fan have. The Scrapple Blog, on the other hand says 10-6. [G, Depressed Fan, ScrappleBlog]

The Eagles have done something to support renewable energy that no other company in the world has done. This is actually very impressive. [Eagles Chronicles]

Gary Cobb wants the Eagles to trade for Panthers DT Kris Jenkins, while Iggles Blog does not. [Iggles Blog]

The Eagles worked out former hoops star Michael Haddix as a tight end. [Albany Times Union]

The family of the definitive voice of the NFL, John Facenda, is suing the NFL for using his voice to promote Madden football. [Bloomberg]

Even though he has no basis, Jason Cole of Yahoo! sports is guessing McNabb won't be ready for game 7 of this season. [Yahoo!]

Although I have no clue how this is calculated, fantasy guru Michael Fabiano says the Eagles offensive line is the 3rd best fantasy offensive line in the NFL. []

The NFL released it's new personal conduct policy this week. Appropriately our SBN Bengals blog Cincy Jungle has the PDF available for download. [Cincy Jungle]

I don't care what the test says, I still think Dhani Jones may have been Anna Nicole's baby daddy. [Celebrity Wonder]

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