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Just mocking around; BGN Mock Draft 3.0

Another week, another BGN mock draft. There is some shuffling around at the top and bottom of the draft in this one, including a brand new pick for the Eagles at #26

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  1. Oakland Raiders - Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech - I think when it's all said and done the Raiders are going to look elsewhere for a QB. Whether it's Aaron Rodgers or maybe even David Carr... I think they are in too much of a "win now" mode to develop a young QB and go through the 2-3 years growing pains a guy like Russell could bring. Calvin Johnson is the closest thing to a sure bet that start and help you in week one.
  2. Detroit Lions - JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU - The Lions won't be able pass up Russell if he falls into their lap. Russell would actually land in a pretty good situation in Detroit. With Kitna there, he wouldn't be asked to start from day one like he would in Oakland or Cleveland. Russel would greatly benefit from some time to learn the system.
  3. Cleveland Browns - Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame - Although Cleveland could probably drop back a few slots and grab Quinn, why risk it? Charlie Frye is not a franchise QB, same for every other body they have a QB. Quinn is the most polished QB in this draft and is going to give a team and a coach that needs to win this year their best shot at doing so.
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin - Although I wouldn't rule out one of the top DEs here I think the Bucs will go with the safe pick here and get Joe Thomas. A huge part of the reason Jeff Garcia was able to be successful last year in Philly was because he had time behind one of the better offensive lines in the league. Whether it's Garcia or Simms running that offense, either would greatly appreciate a franchise tackle  to protect them from guys like John Abraham coming off the edge.
  5. Arizona Cardinals - Levi Brown, OT, Penn State - The Cardinals greatest need is at offensive tackle. Plain and simple. Oliver Ross has not gotten the job done and Leonard Davis left in free agency leaving a gaping hole at either tackle position. There's nothing more important to a young QB and his development than giving him solid tackles. Leinart will love this pick. Brown is probably a reach at 5, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the Cardinals trade down and still get him.  
  6. Washington Redskins - Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson - Depsite all of the Briggs trade talk I think the Skins stand pat here and pick the best DE available. Adams will bring the Skins the kind of speed rusher that they hoped Andre Carter would be when they signed him last year.
  7. Minnesota Vikings - Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas - Although LaRon Landry would be a tempting pick here, the Vikings are to thin at DE to ignore Anderson if he falls to them. The Vikings were in the bottom half of the league in sacks and a solid  pass rusher like Anderson would help their pass defense which was ranked 2nd worst in the NFL.
  8. Atlanta Falcons(from HOU) - Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma -  Peterson falls into Atlanta's lap here at #8 and the value is too great too pass up. Warick Dunn is reaching the end of his road and they simply can't allow Mike Vick to run an offense without an effective run game to fall back on. Vick, Peterson, & Norwood will ensure that the Atlanta run game should stay the best in football for years to come. Laron Landry is another possibility for ATL, but if either of the top 2 defensive ends, Adams or Anderson fall here I think ATL will pounce on them.
  9. Miami Dolphins - LaRon Landry, S, LSU - Safety s a solid need for Miami and Landry is good value at #9. The Dolphins should be very happy he fell to them here.
  10. Houston Texans(from ATL) - Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville - The Texans were probably hoping Levi Brown or LaRon Landry would fall to them, but DT is just as big a need. The team's new 4-3 scheme would greatly benefit from a big, athletic talent like Okoye in the middle. With Alan Branch's stock dropping, Okoye is the pick here.
  11. San Francisco 49ers - Patrick Willis, ILB, Ole Miss - Willis' stock has rocketed in the past few weeks as he has displayed that rare combination of speed, power, and size that is not often seen at the middle linebacker spot.  Willis would not only complete and impressive young linebacker corps for San Fran, but would anchor the young defense as a whole for many years to come.
  12. Buffalo Bills - Leon Hall, CB, Michigan - I know everyone seems to think the Bills will take Marshawn Lynch here, but they aren't taking a back this high. If Marv Levy and co think they needed a high pedigree back, they would have kept Willis McGahee. They'll address RB in this draft, just not in the first round. Leon Hall can start right in place of the now departed  Nate Clements and fill a huge need for the Bills.
  13. St. Louis Rams - Alan Branch, DT, Michigan - The Rams struggled against the run last year again and the main culprit of that has been their DT play. Although his stock has dropped due to some poor pre draft workouts, Branch still did the job on the field and the Rams will be able to plop him right in the middle of their defense and start to toughen up what has been a pretty soft middle of their defense.
  14. Carolina Panthers - Jon Beason, OLB, Miami (FL)  - Beason may be a stretch at 14, but he's the player that makes the most sense for Carolina here. The Panthers are in an interesting position in that there's not a player with great value at 14 that really fills their holes. Beason is about as close as it gets. After losing Will Witherspoon last year, the Panthers could really use a solid guy to replace him. Beason may not have ideal size, but he plays bigger than he measures. Trading down for a guy like Beason, Timmons, or even TE Greg Olsen would be a smart move for Carolina here.
  15. Pittsburgh Steelers -Darrelle Revis, CB, Pittsburgh - The Steelers' defensive backs were pretty disappointing last year and with a cover 2 mind like Mike Tomlin taking over, good corners are important. Plus, I think they were a bit disappointed with some of the decisions made by their young returners last year. Revis could represent an upgrade both at corner and I the return game. Plus, he'd be playing his pro ball on the same field he played his college ball! He'd be a very popular pick in Pittsburgh.
  16. Green Bay Packers - Marshawn Lynch, RB, California - This pick should be a no brainer. RB is a big hole for the Packers, they do value the position (unlike the Bills), and Lynch is the best RB in the draft.
  17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Reggie Nelson, S, Florida - Although defensive end could be a solid pick here, the Jags like Nelson and he'd fill a big hole left by the now departed Deon Grant.
  18. Cincinnati Bengals - Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska - Carriker represents such good value at #18 the Bengals won't be able to pass him up, plus defensive line represents a definite need for Cincy. They aren't bad, but have no impact players. Carriker could be just that and would take some pressure off a depleted LB corps.  
  19. Tennessee Titans - Ted Ginn, WR, Ohio State - If Vince Young is going to continue to develop and if he is going to improve as a passer he needs weapons. Simply put, he really has none right now. The Titans fell short of getting a few of the WRs they went after in free agency so they know it's a need. Ted Ginn Jr would provide a deep threat for Young and he'd be great insurance in the return game if/when Pacman Jones is suspended. Frankly, Ginn may very well win the return jobs regardless of whether Pacman is with the team or not.
  20. New York Giants - Aaron Ross, CB, Texas - Ross represents a classic player who is good value where the Giants pick and fills a certain need for them. That said, the Giants LB corps has gotten pretty think this off season and their attempts to fix it have fallen short(the Al Wilson trade falling through.) Lawrence Timmons or Paul Posluszny wouldn't surprise me here. However, Chris Houston is better value at 20 than either of those two.
  21. Denver Broncos Jarvis Moss, DE/OLB, Florida - Although CB Aaron Ross would be an attractive possibility here DE Jarvis Moss will bring the kind of edge pass rushing specialist that they've been trying to get for a few years now. Another big need, good value pick.
  22. Dallas Cowboys - Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU - Everyone seems to think the Cowboys will go safety here, but by signing FS Ken Hamlin to a one year deal as a stop gap, they have shown that they think their long term solution at safety is still Watkins. If that's their mindset, they'll go WR in round one especially since there's no offensive lineman with good value here. The Cowboys 2 top WRs are approaching their mid 30s and behind them are several undrafted free agents. Dwayne Bowe would be a great pick not only this year but for the future as he and QB Tony Romo grow together.
  23. Kansas City Chiefs - Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan - With several good WRs still on the board, it would make perfect sense for the Chiefs to go after that #1 they've never really had. That said, the Chiefs know where their bread is buttered and that's right up front with a power run game and a dominant offensive line. Replacing Willie Roaf has to be their top priority and Joe Staley is the best guy left on the board to do that.
  24. New England Patriots -Michael Griffin, S, Texas - With Rodney Harrison unable to stay healthy and getting up in years as it is, Griffin would represent a solid depth pick here. The Patriots, like several teams at the bottom of round one, don't necessarily need a starter right here and can afford to make a pick for next year and beyond. Griffin would bring the same kind of intimidating physical presence that Harrison does.
  25. New York Jets - Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas - Corner is arguably the Jets' #1 need this offseason and Houston is the best corner on the board. He's also a legit 1st round talent. Chris Houston is the kind of corner who can be left on an island and has a reputation for stepping up his game against good competition, he had some of his best games against Dwayne Jarrett, Robert Meachem, and Dwayne Bowe who were three of the best WRs in the country last year.
  26. Philadelphia Eagles - Greg Olsen, TE, Miami (FL)  - Everyone has the Eagles pegged as going defense in round one, but Olsen is too hard to pass up. LJ Smith is going into the final year of his deal and judging by what some less TEs got in free agency this offseason, he's going to paid bigtime. Getting Olsen would give them the option of letting LJ walk for the huge money, while replacing him with a guy that very well may be more talented...
  27. New Orleans Saints -Paul Posluszny, OLB, Penn State - The Saints need to go defense at this point and their biggest needs are at LB and corner. They'll have a decision to make here with CB Aaron Ross, OLB Lawrence Timmons, and Paul Pos here but in the end  Posluszny is the workman like, overachiever that HC Sean Payton likes. Also, with Dwayne Jarret and Robert Meachem still on the board I could see the Saints going WR here.
  28. New England Patriots (from SEA) - Lawrence Timmons, OLB, Florida St - Linebacker is a spot the Pats could use some depth at and Timmons would be a great pick for the future. Scouts love his physical tools, but have worried about him that he's too inexperience and raw after only one year starting. The Pats could afford to groom him as a backup for a year and end up finding themselves a year from now with a guy that may have been a top 15 pick had he stayed for his senior year.
  29. Baltimore Ravens - Anthony Spencer, DE, Purdue - With the loss of Adalius Thomas to free agency, the Ravens will be in the market for a speed rusher off the end. While Spencer was a DE in college, his size(which is small for a DE) would make him an ideal OLB in the Ravens' 3-4 scheme.
  30. San Diego Chargers - Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee - A true playmaking speedster at WR would make the Chargers already formidable offense very scary. With what already may be the best defense, run game, and TE in the NFL... Phillip Rivers and Robert Meachem could develop together into one of the more formidable QB to WR combos.
  31. Chicago Bears - Dwyane Jarrett, WR, USC - TE Zack Miller could be an option here, but the value of Jarrett will be hard to pass up. Jarrett lacks the great top end speed you'd like, but his size and production are hard to ignore. He has great hands and just puts up numbers. It certainly wouldn't hurt Rex Grossman's development to give him another reliable target.
  32. Indianapolis Colts - Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno St. - Linebacker is probably the Colt's biggest need, but there just isn't really good value at that position here. With the loss of Nick Harper they could use some depth at corner and McCauley is a guy that could end up starting for them before next season is over.

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