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Eagles Free agency rumors; Stallworth, Cowboys LB

There's alot of info flying around about the supposed offers that are coming Donte Stallworth's way. The word is that Stallworth's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, was looking for  $10-$15 million guaranteed. If you believe the reports, the Patriots are supposed to have offered him a 6 yr, $32 million contract, with a $12 million signing bonus. If that's true, why would he have not signed that? That seems like every bit the deal he wanted and it was to play with a definite contender. I really think that number is being thrown out by Rosenhaus and is not real.

There are other reports surfacing that Stallworth has been offered a deal by the Titans for undisclosed money. Still, further reports say that the Eagles offered Donte a one year, $1.5 million deal. In fact, some have even suggested that Rosenhaus wants a one year deal so that he and Donte could go after bigger money next year.

The newest rumor is that the 49ers, who have seemingly endless cap room this year, are interested in the last minute. However, no visit has been scheduled. If the Niners really were interested, why not bring the guy in for a visit? That sounds like a desperate ploy from an agent that does not have a massive deal from a perennial superbowl contender on the table.

It just makes no sense. The word is that Stallworth is supposed to have a decision by today or Saturday and I have no idea where he'll go. If the contract from New England is real, I would certainly think he'll be there next year. Like I said though, if that contract was real I would thought he'd signed it the day they gave it to him.

In other, maybe even more bizarre news... The Eagles apparently are interested in restricted free agent and Cowboys backup middle linebacker Ryan Fowler. In fact reports even say he is on his way to the NovaCare complex. Fowler is a big guy at 6-3, 250lb but he was a backup & a special teamer for the Cowboys last year and I have no idea if he can play. He was undrafted so the Cowboys would get no compensation if they didn't match.

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