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Corey Dillon sets his sights on Eagles, Titans

This situation just got a little more interesting.

Free-agent running back Corey Dillon was scheduled to visit the Bills today, before the team consummated a trade sending Willis McGahee to the Baltimore Ravens. But before he could take the trip, Dillon cancelled, thinking that Buffalo did not represent the right situation for him. Dillon is unwilling to go to a team he does not feel is on the cusp of a championship, and the Bills, in his eyes, do not qualify. Dillon, however, would welcome the chance to play for the Philadelphia Eagles or Tennessee Titans, where he could be a complementary back on what he believes is a surefire playoff contender.

So far the word is that neither of the teams have invited him for a visit or even called about him. Clearly he'd like to be here, but are the Eagles interested? There's no doubt that a backfield of Westbrook/Dillon behind our offensive line would be a scary thought for opposing defenses. As I've said before, it would also take massive pressure off McNabb as he works back from his knee injury. Frankly, a backfield like that would more than make up for the loss of a playmaker in Stallworth.

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