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Flurry of Free Agent News, Visits

It's official, the Eagles have re-signed CB William James to a one year deal. Presumably James is here to play nickel corner and since he's the tallest corner on the roster he could possibly match up against some of the taller WRs the Eagles face.

Basically the report on James now is that same as last year. He's starter quality talent with good size, that simply struggles to stay healthy. He didn't have any issues with his back last year, which has been the main reason he's struggled to stay on the field, but he was knicked up with calf injuries and other things that held him out of games. If he stays healthy, he'll probably play very well and get big money in the free agent market next year. If he's hurt again, well say hello to Joselio Hanson as your 3rd corner. I'd also almost guarantee that the Eagles will draft a corner at some point this year. Clearly this move signals that the Eagles have no plans to re-sign Rod Hood.

Also as rumored, Cowboys restricted free agent backup MLB and special teams standout Ryan Fowler & speedy Rams WR Kevin Curtis will visit with the Eagles today and meet the media.

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