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Eagles sign WR/KR Bethel Johnson

I return kicks! Yay!
This one came out of no where. From what I can tell no one had reported any interest on the Eagles' part in Bethel Johnson and he hadn't been in for a visit... but he's now reportedly Eagle.

Adam Shefter of says it's a one year deal.

Johnson is a very fast guy that has been used primarily as a kick returner in previous stops with the Patriots and Vikings. He's returned 2 kicks for TDs in his 4 years in the league. In 2003 he led the AFC in return yards and average.

Does this move signal that Stallworth will be playing for a new team next year? Johnson is a WR, but has only averaged about 10 catches a year. He's primarily a returner. Certainly the Eagles return game was in dire need of an upgrade, which Johnson is... but what if any role will he have in the WR corps?

If this move was made to bolster the return game, I applaud it. If it was made to replace Stallworth... then I boo. I do wonder if there's room for him and Bloom on the roster? I would imagine that only one of the two will actually make the team. BTW, reports say that Stallworth will make a decision where to go by Friday.

In other news, NFL Network's Adam Schefter is reporting that the Eagles, Chiefs, & Packers are interested in Chargers LB Donnie Edwards. He's older(34) but he's a former pro bowler and still was a very effective player for the Chargers. He'd be a nice veteran addition that would give all the young guys we have at LB time to develop.

Update [2007-3-8 10:34:56 by BleedGreen]: Oh and how could I forget!!! This all but guarantees the end of the Reno Mahe era!

Johnson = Two KR for TDs in his 4 years - Eleven 40+ yard returns in his career

Mahe = Zero KR for TDs in his 4 years - Two 40+ yard returns in his career

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