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More Eagles free agent rumors

First, free agent Patriot LB Tully Banta-Cain has admitted that he has heard from the Eagles. He is currently visiting the Steelers. No word on whether he has a visit scheduled with the Eagles. Update [2007-3-6 15:58:42 by BleedGreen]:Scratch off Banta-Cain. He's signed a deal with the 49ers today.

A guy the Eagles were rumored to be visiting with this week, RB Sammy Morris, signed with the Patriots today. Travis Henry, who sources had reported the Eagles had interest in was signed by Denver.

No word on any progress with the reported mutual interest between Corey Dillon and the Eagles. However of the three teams he indicated he'd play for, the Jets traded for Thomas Jones from Chicago and the Ravens are reportedly close to a 1 year deal to bring Jamal Lewis back.

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