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Donte Stallworth has the munchies

Update [2007-3-6 10:14:36 by BleedGreen]: Stallworth has visits with the Pats and Titans scheduled for this week. Also the Dolphins are reported to be interested in talking to him.

Eagles WR Donte Stallworth?
Well it may not just be his bad hamstrings that are preventing teams from showing interest in Donte Stallworth this offseason. Reports surfaced yesterday that Stallworth is in the NFL's substance abuse program
Donté Stallworth, the Eagles' free-agent receiver, brought some baggage with him when he hit the NFL's open market Friday.

According to league sources, Stallworth is a participant in the NFL's substance-abuse program, which could subject him to a league suspension if he were to violate the terms of the program again.

The circumstances and time frame that led to Stallworth's admittance to the program have not been disclosed, and the receiver's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, did not return phone calls last night.

NFL players can enter the substance-abuse program in a variety of ways, including voluntarily. Players also can be entered in the program for failing drug tests or for drug- and alcohol-related law violations away from the field, according to the collective-bargaining agreement.

Certainly this is some news that could bring Stallworth's price down. Could it be yet another positive step towards the Eagles signing him? Or does this mean the Eagles won't have any interest? Unless he entered the program this year, the Eagles would have had to have known about it already. Under NFL rules however, they are prohibited from revealing that a player is in the program.

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