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Garcia drives a hard bargain

This is a pretty interesting story... PFT has confirmed that the reason the talks between Jeff Garcia and the Raiders broke down is because Garcia demanded assurances that the Raiders would not draft a QB with their #1 pick.

We're told that quarterback Jeff Garcia didn't sign with the Raiders for one reason and one reason only -- the team would not give him an assurance that a quarterback would not be selected with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2007 draft.

It's also our understanding that the money in Oakland was equal to the money that Garcia is getting from the Bucs.  We're told that Garcia will make $5 million in 2007, and that the total value over two years could be as much as $14.5 million, based on Garcia being the starter and the team making the playoffs.

For now, though, it's an open competition between Simms and Garcia, especially since the base value of their deals is identical.  Indeed, we're told that Garcia has not been promised the starting job.

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